fresh inc all stars at UW-Parkside

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University of Wisconsin Parkside
Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities

Featuring the work of the next generation of artists, Fifth House Ensemble performs music by fresh inc festival alumni from 2012 to the present. fresh inc is 5HE’s pioneering summer festival where creation and collaboration take center stage. Participating instrumentalists and composers work closely with members of Fifth House Ensemble to premiere 16 new works each season, and to launch authentic musical careers in line with each artist’s own unique vision and values.

This concert is free, and reservations are not required. Free parking is available during the Noon Concerts in Lots B and C.


Justin Rito – Reaching/Failing
Evan Williams – Grime
Patrick O’Malley – Changes
John Dorhauer – Groove Haiku
Marc Mellits- Quartet No. 2, selected movements