Downbeat reviews We Tear Down Our Coliseums

Review of We Tear Down Our Coliseums by Howard Mandel of Downbeat MagazineApril 18, 2017 Swing for the Fences: New Suite Fuses Jazz, Baseball On the eve of Major League Baseball’s 2017 opening day, composer John Dorhauer and his brother Adam Dorhauer, a painter, pitched jazz and images together in the premiere of “We Tear Down Our Coliseums,” evoking the legacy of the national pastime and its place in our imaginations. A kaleidoscopic big band suite performed by the 17-piece Heisenberg Uncertainty Players, each of John’s nine music movements was accompanied by one of Adam’s original canvasses (most depicted architectural details), which he placed on an easel in front of the stage. “WTDOC” was nostalgic in theme but creatively complex and forward-looking, open-ended within a tight structure, just like a baseball game. The performance took place in the small, black box Mill Theater at Elmhurst College in west suburban Chicago. On hand was an audience of about 70 students, friends and relatives who seemed unfazed by a section dedicated to atonalist Edgard Varése and quite willing to sing a chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during a seventh inning stretch. As a warmup, John Dorhauer conducted his band—five reeds, more »

We Tear Down Our Coliseums

We Tear Down Our Coliseums is a nine-movement multimedia creation by two brothers inspired by the historical, architectural, and – sadly – disposable aspects of baseball stadiums. Each movement is written as an homage to a demolished stadium, with music written by John Dorhauer (director and composer for Heisenberg Uncertainty Players) and visual art by Adam Dorhauer (a writer and visual artist from Cleveland who writes for The Hardball Times). Though the music was written for jazz big band and uses elements of jazz, it transcends genre boundaries, sharing more in common with a symphonic tone poem than a traditional work for big band. And while the paintings often do portray the given stadiums, they offer unique and insightful commentary on each stadium’s place in history. Coliseums is a vital artistic creation because it presents unique perspectives on a culturally vibrant and relevant topic, it unites art and sport in a way that will appeal to fans of both, it challenges conventions of what a big band can do, and it allows two adventurous artists to pursue their crafts and take creative risks related to a strong passion of theirs. The premiere for Coliseums will take place on Saturday, April more »

HUP/KID Collaboration

Heisenberg Uncertainty Players (HUP) is collaborating with hip-hop/R&B artist KID.  KID has written lyrics over my music written for big band, nimbly straddling hip-hop, jazz, and R&B.   In preparation, HUP & KID will record a live video as part of Chicago Artists Month at The Foxhole Chicago. Come join us!  We look forward to presenting this music at more venues over the coming months. Details: Saturday, November 14, 2015 2 – 6pm The Foxhole Chicago 2444 W Montrose Chicago, IL Phone: (773) 754-7105 Read more about KID and the HMK Family


Heisenberg Uncertainty Players is releasing videos on YouTube every Friday! #Freisenberg HUP plays at Phyllis’ Musical Inn in Chicago every 2nd Sunday of the month.  The band will also take the stage at Chicago’s first Great American Lobster Fest on Saturday, August 16. Tweets by @HUPlayers

Heisenberg Uncertainty Players review & residency

Heisenberg Uncertainty Players received their first review of their debut album, Emergency Postcards.  Read the full review at: I was intrigued by the music’s texture [sound], by the technical virtuosity and facility of the young musicians playing it, engaged by their youthful exuberance  in executing it, constantly surprised by the new directions these talented players pushed the music, amused by their audaciousness in combining meter and melody in unexpected ways [Dave Brubeck would have loved these guys], amazed by the music’s humor and its poignancy [let alone some of its complicated song titles] and otherwise completely baffled about how I was going to explain the music and why I liked it. HUP has also a found monthly home at Phyllis’ Musical Inn in Chicago’s vibrant Wicker Park neighborhood.  You can find them playing here every 2nd Sunday of the month. 1800 W Division, Chicago, IL Chicago Artists Resource featured HUP on their Singletrack blog.  Read about John’s tune, Death & Taxes.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Players Debut Album Release

Directed by John Dorhauer, Heisenberg Uncertainty Players released their debut album today, Emergency Postcards.  Six tracks are original compositions by John.  The album is available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.  CDs will be available at all live performances and will be available to purchase on In support of Emergency Postcards, Heisenberg Uncertainty Players were showcased on WGN’s Midday News (click to watch).  Visit HUP’s website for more information on the album, to view photos, and keep up to date on live performances.

Emergency Postcards

Help HUP record their new album, Emergency Postcards The Heisenberg Uncertainty Players are recording their first album (Emergency Postcards), but in order to make that happen, we need some extra assistance.  As a jazz big band that plays exclusively music written/arranged by our own members, we pride ourselves greatly on the music we play.  Recording an album is going to be an excellent way for our fans to enjoy what we do, but it will also be a tremendous help towards us getting performance opportunities in the future.  What money we make from performances goes right to our members, so we have minimal band funds to fund a project like this.  But the best part is that this isn’t just an empty fundraising campaign. If you donate at least $15, we’ll send you your own copy of Emergency Postcards when it comes out this upcoming spring. If you donate at least $115, we’ll write an arrangement for you of any tune you want. Visit our Indiegogo page to contribute If you aren’t able to contribute but are still interested in what we do, please help pass the word along to your friends and family and encourage them to check us out. more »