Atomic Typewriter performed at 60×60

Atomic Typewriter for saxophone was selected to be performed at 60×60 Louisiana Mix on April 10th & 11th. 60×60 is a one-hour-long show made by sequencing 60 pre-recorded pieces of music by 60 different composers. Each piece a minute in length or shorter. 60×60 has been presented in many performance formats including TV shows, radio shows, multimedia and multidisciplinary events, as well as published several albums of works. Since 2003, 60×60 has received thousands of submissions from over 30 countries. Highlighting the work of a great many artists and composers, 60×60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting a diverse array of styles, aesthetics, and techniques being used today.   www.60×


The title for Isurus comes from the genus name of the mako shark, which is an incredibly fast type of shark that is migratory and requires constant motion to sustain life. This reflects the energy of the music, which thrives on constant propulsion and numerous angular twists and turns. Much of the music is written in perpetually evolving mixed meters, which adds great tension and momentum to the music. Isurus is written for alto saxophone and viola, which makes for a very unique and fascinating tandem. Both instruments, which are typically relegated to inner voices, possess a wide array of timbral possibilities, and they create a rich blend between them. Kelley Dorhauer, alto saxophone Marta Sophia Honer, viola premiere DePaul University Recital Hall April 12, 2014   Tweet